Terms & Conditions

FLY2WORLDUK.CO.UK ensures the safety and privacy of the users on a priority basis and that is why we have added all important points to the Terms and Conditions page. You are advised to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of our company before moving ahead with your booking request. It will be by default considered that you have agreed to the terms and conditions if you have reached to the payment/ booking confirmation stage.

Payment and Reservations –

1. During the booking process, customers must provide appropriate and correct information of all the travelers to our travel expert along with travel dates, payment information and other important details. We will not be accountable for any kind of loss if incorrect information were provided or the customer did not double check the details in regards to the booking.

2. Deposit options are available on selected airlines and holiday offers. Please check with our travel experts before finalizing the booking.

3. Published fares on the portal are dynamic and subject to change without any prior notice. This happens due to the unavailability of the option, currency exchange rates, policies of the airlines, or due to any external factors that are not in our control. In case of unavailability of a specific fare, the next available option/ fare could be offered for the requested dates.

Refund or Cancellation –

1. We have a wide range of airlines for all booking classes – first class/ business/ premium economy/ economy. Flight change and cancellation policies will vary as per the airlines. We recommend to all passengers to check with our experts, the airline’s policies in regards to their respective booking.

2. All changes and cancellation requests should be submitted 72Hrs before the flight departure and for this objective, you can contact our customer support team. You can call us on our customer support number or write to us by email.

3. Refund for the flight ticket reservations, if applicable will be processed only after receiving the approval from the airline/supplier or as per the agreed refund policy at the time of booking. Cancellation may be based on the cancellation fee and administrative charges. Some promotional deals are completely nonrefundable.
Travel Requirements and Documents –
1. While travelling, it is the responsibility of the customers to ensure they possess further travel documents such as visa, transit visa, passports, or any other required documents at the airport before boarding. Once your flight tickets are confirmed then make sure to carry all required documents for your travel for the smooth travel goals.

2. We recommend to all our customers that before the boarding date, make sure that you are following all travel requirements, regulations, and terms of your destination before booking the flight or before boarding. Business Fly will not be responsible for any interruption in the journey due to not carrying/having relevant travel documents for the trip.
Limitation of Liability:
We are working as the travel agency or the mediator between the customer and airlines. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or expense due to the mistake or notice of the airlines. We are the third-party portal only and for any other disputes, you must get in touch with the airline’s officials.
Intellectual Property:
All content and data available on the Business Fly Portal such as logos, trademarks, text, graphics, and images, are the intellectual property of Business Fly and secured by trademark laws and applicable copyright.
Collection, use and security of the personal information of the users is based on our privacy policy. By using the website fly2worlduk.co.uk you agree to the collection of your personal information and data which is mentioned in the privacy policy. Therefore, it is advisable for the users that must read the privacy policy of the company.

The terms and conditions available on the website are approved, governed, or construed in accordance with the law and jurisdiction. If there is any dispute related to the terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the respected courts.
We have a right to change or update the terms and conditions at fly2worlduk.co.uk anytime without any prior update or notice. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of our website, then you can contact our customer support or reach us at info@fly2worlduk.co.uk.

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