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We are committed to providing 100% privacy and security to the visitors of our website regarding the personal information that they share with us on this portal or over the call while using our services. The privacy policy of our company helps you to know about the process of collecting, using, disclosing, and protecting data, and your personal data as well. By using this website and by using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy given below. Reading and understanding the company privacy policy is crucial for the visitors of this website to understand their security and privacy while using our services and this website.

Personal Information Collection – What You Need to Know?

There are many times when we collect the data of the users and personal information including personal details such as name, email address, phone number, Date of birth, payment details, travel preference etc. You may think that why we collect this information but collecting this data is necessary for us to make your travel booking experience hassle-free for you. The personal information collected by this website is only for the purpose seamless good travel experience. There is no need to worry about the unethical use of your personal data.

Why do We Collect Personal Information?

Here are some reasons through which you can understand why we collect the personal information of website users. There are some robust reasons through which you can understand that it is necessary for us to collect the personal data of the visitors. Here are a few –
1. Ensure Flight Booking Process & Service Requests by Customers –
Without knowing the personal data and information of the user, we cannot start the process of flight ticket booking of the users on the website. It is important for us to gather personal information because we need to add the data to confirm the tickets and make airline reservations. Therefore, it is the first reason that you need to understand we collect user information through our website. Sometimes customers also request a particular service through our website and to give feedback and review of the service we need the personal data of the customers.
2. Hassle-Free Communication Regarding Our Travel Services –
One more reason to understand is that we collect the data of the users, and it is for hassle-free communication regarding the travel services of fly2worlduk. We need to communicate with our clients related to their flight ticket booking, to give flight updates (for changes, cancellations etc) and travelrelated updates. If any flight is cancelled or any update is related to your booking, then we will inform you by call, mail, or text and that is why we need to collect your data.
3. Personalizing Travel and Browsing Experience –
We are always trying to give a personalized experience to every person who is browsing the fly2worlduk portal for travel services. We understand the tailor-made solution requirement and we give offers to our clients which are based on the tailored flight booking options, recommendations, promotions, and travel services. We use the personal data of the users and visitors on the website to give personalized experiences to each user.
4. Comply with Legal Obligations –
Complying with legal obligations and enforcing our terms and conditions is the objective of the privacy policy.
Disclosure of Personal Data –
It is possible that we may share the data of the users and personal information with third-party portals and organizations such as airlines, payment processors and service providers in the process of flight tickets booking and making your travel arrangements smooth. These third parties are bound by confidentiality agreements and are authorized to share their personal information only for the purposes mentioned in the Privacy Policy.
Data Security –
We apply industry-based security methods to secure the personal data of the users from any unauthorized access, alteration, loss and misses. It is our priority to ensure the safety of the users while using our website. However, we are not responsible for any data security and personal information misused while using this website.
Data Retention:
We secure the personal information and data of the users as required to accomplish the purpose for which we collect the data of the users. Once the objective is resolved we do not retain the data.
Cookies and Tracking Methods –
At fly2worlduk, we also use cookies and tracking methods or technologies. The primary reason to use these technologies is to enhance the browsing experience of the visitors and improve website traffic and personalized content data. However, we also give the option to decline the cookies through the web browser setting to the users. If you decline the cookies, then it may affect the functionality and user experience on the fly2worlduk portal.
Third-Party Links:
Third-party links are crucial to understanding the privacy policy because we may also have some thirdparty links on our website. However, our website and our company are not responsible for the results and effects of these external websites and third-party links. We recommend you read the privacy policy of those third-party websites which are attached to this portal.
Changes in the Privacy Policy –
We have the right to update this privacy policy or do any kind of changes in the policy without any prior notice and update. The updated version can be available anytime on the website.
If you want to ask any questions from us related to the privacy policy, or personal information that we collect then you can reach us at

By using the website you acknowledge that you have read and understood the privacy policy and agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information mentioned.

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